Episode 6: The Fantastic Four

Episode 6

In Episode 6 of the Poker Model Podcast, Co-Founder Brett Stokar talks about “The Fantastic Four” or the four pieces of information that he takes into account when deciding whether or not to play a hand.

Episode 5: Simple Calculations and the Decisions they Influence 

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In Episode 5 of the Poker Model Podcast, Co-Founder Brett Stokar talks about a couple calculations that he makes every hand in order to make crucial decisions.

Episode 4: The Good, the Bad and the Mediocre

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In Episode 4 of The Poker Model Podcast, Co-Founder Brett Stokar breaks down the thought process behind a tool he uses on each and every hand he plays, the Good, Bad and the Mediocre. He shares what each classification means, how the idea manifested, and how it makes the game easier for you.

Episode 3: The 6 Phases of Texas Hold Em


There are a lot of Poker guides and trainers out there, all of them have their own unique approach. In this episode, Brett walks you through the 6 phases of Texas Hold Em, how they are unique to The Poker Model and why they are so important.

Episode 2: The Beginning of The Poker Model

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Texas Hold Em went from a full-time job to a part-time hobby but The Poker Model was still delivering results. So, the idea was born. Brett talks about the beginning stages of the company, how it came to be, and what’s in store for the future.

Episode 1: Welcome to The Poker Model


Everything starts somewhere and before The Poker Model manifested into what it is today, Co-Founder Brett Stokar was using it, without even knowing it. He tells his story about his time playing poker full-time and how he had success even when it went from a full-time job and turned into a hobby!