About The Poker Model 

Poker is fun, especially when you win money. At The Poker Model we make our decisions from a calculated, emotionless place. We do not get caught up in the highs and lows of Poker; we understand what the goal in the long run is and we move on to the next hand.

We do not possess the skill to look into an opposing player’s soul to determine if they are bluffing or not. We do, however, understand the public information available to help make clear decisions. We want to teach you how to be as precise, calculated, and disciplined as we are leading you to profitability.

Winning money at Poker is an acquired skill. The Poker Model is a systematic learning program that moves you through the learning process on an organized, documented path no matter your experience level. We utilize interactive simulations and quizzes to test your knowledge. If you are searching for a Poker training aid, our assumption is that you are not currently a professional Poker player. Good! The Poker Model was built mainly for people who are professionals in other areas and enjoy or want to learn Poker as a hobby, not to say that you cannot gain the skills of top professionals by moving through the program.

The creator of The Poker Model, Brett Stokar, played Poker the wrong way for many years. It was not until he learned a few tips from professionals that his profitability went through the roof, accumulating over $250,000 in earnings over a two year period.


He took what he learned, simplified it, and ran the system over and over again. This system is The Poker Model. Brett is not a professional Poker player; he’s used Poker profit to invest and be a part of start-ups while continuing to keep Poker as a hobby. This is our goal for you: keep your life balanced, complete The Poker Model program, and win money when playing Poker.