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Making the easy fold should be just that; easy. Often times players put a large amount of chips into a pre-flop pot in hopes of improving their hand. Because there is a low chance of this improvement (One Pair will only be made in about ⅓ of flops), it’s better to remain patient and look for better spots. Today you will see a spot to make an easy fold.

I’m sitting Under The Gun (UTG) with 35 big blinds with blinds at $50/$100. Because I am the first to act pre-flop from this seat there will never be a previous action. I’m holding Jd-10d, a hand that qualifies according to The Poker Model because I have over 20 big blinds, with no previous action, and it’s two cards greater than seven. I double the big blind amount to $200 and come into the pot.

The table folds to The Button (TB) who calls the $200 raise. The Small Blind (TSB) folds and The Big Blind (TBB) makes a 3-bet (reraise) to $600. The action is back on me. I have three options here:

  1. 4-bet (raise back). This is a very bad option because it implies that I am ready and willing to put all of my chips into the pot right now. The only hands that I should be making this play with are premium hands (A-A, A-K, K-K) because I will have good odds to win in the long run with those hands. 
  2. Call. While it seems like an easy play that gets me to The Flop, calling here will usually end in me losing the additional $400 chips and being bet into the raiser  where I must fold. I can expect a continuation bet from my opponent and to miss improving on The Flop. 
  3. Fold. The most boring of the options but the best one! Save the $400 chips and wait for a better spot, where I’ll be in a better position to bet my opponent out if I do not make my hand. I choose to fold.

I choose to fold and wait for a better spot in the future. I still have plenty of chips. Remember to always be aware of when an opponent will most likely make a continuation bet on The Flop. You’ll have to fold to this bet unless you improve, this is why we make continuations bets ourselves.


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