One Hundredth

It’s officially the ONE HUNDREDTH WEEK OF THE POKER MODEL! We’d like to thank all who have been following since the very beginning and anyone who has joined along the way. We’ll take a break from the action this week and revisit our previous company updates so you can continue to be a part of our rapid growth and help shape our learning tools to meet your poker needs. If you would like to see something that we have not yet developed, tell us here Blog The Poker Model Blog now has 100 original articles detailing hands using The Poker Model strategies. We’ve taken your feedback seriously and added videos to enhance your learning experience which has been majorly successful for our audience. We will continue to release new content weekly as a free resource to compare your play to The Poker Model recommendations. For instant access: click here for blog and click here for videos. Have a hand that you’d like us to review? Submit it here! Podcast The Poker Model Podcast is now up and running! We have a list of The Poker Model topics for discussion in greater depth so you can get extra information about our strategies. For instant access: click here for podcast library. Have a topic that you’d like us to discuss? Submit it here! How to Play No-Limit Texas Hold’em Module We are close to releasing our free, interactive module that will teach you the rules of No-Limit Texas Hold’em or serve as a refresher if it’s been awhile! Use this tool to help yourself and others in their journey to master The Poker Model and ultimately have success in poker.   The Poker Model Infinite Hands Concept We are very excited as our team of 6 continues to work hard on our simulation tool that allows you to practice hands in a hyper-fast environment, raising the quantity of situations you can practice per minute. The app will be released in the App Store when ready and is currently in testing. It’s free!  General Once again, we’d like to thank you for your continued interest in The Poker Model. We look forward to consistently delivering tools to master The Poker Model and ultimately have success in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Here’s to 100 more! Brett

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