Black Diamond

[youtube The Poker Model preaches discipline because most of the time you will be folding and letting others have all of the fun. Folding is boring, but profitable! When an opportunity does arise, it’s easy to overplay and attempt to force an outcome because you’ve been so patient to arrive at that spot and feel the need to win at all costs. This mentality is dangerous in all areas of the game, but even more so in a blind vs. blind situation. You must be patient. In today’s hand I’ll show you a situation where you will be able to double up by taking advantage of an opponent’s overplay. Image89_1 I’m sitting in The Big Blind (TBB) with $1,200 chips and blinds at $100/$200. I calculate that I have 5 big blinds, a short stack according to The Poker Model. With a short stack, I’ll want to get all of my chips into the pot in a dominating position in the Pre-Flop phase if possible. I’m holding Kh-2s, which is a poor starting hand, but has some potential with my short stack because King High is ahead of many blank hands. If any of the other players make a typical raise before it’s my turn to act, then I will fold my hand and look for a better spot. Image89_2 The action folds around the table to The Small Blind (TSB). My opponent can fold, call or raise. If he folds, then I win a small pot (called a walk). If he calls then I will check, seeing a free flop with my short stack. If he raises then I will call. You might be thinking, why in the world would you call an all-in for your whole tournament with K-2? Remember that our goal is to be all-in and dominating our opponent. Based on stack sizes and table position, I expect to be beating most hands in his range. Let’s see what action occurs. Image89_3 He moves all-in and the action is on me. Because I have 5 big blinds and have not had any action yet, it’s likely that I have a weak hand. He will win the pot if I don’t call and he expects that I won’t have anything at all. His play will most likely lead to me folding and he’ll win the blinds. Notice that I haven’t even considered what he has yet. The reason for this is that he may make this play with any two cards. He’s being aggressive. Sure it’s possible that he does have a big hand, but it’s must more likely that he’s in bully mode. Because King high will be ahead of most blind hands, I should make this call. Image89_4 I make the call and my opponent flips over 2d-3d. I’m a 70% favorite to win the hand. After the runout my hand holds up. I now have $2,800 in my stack (14 big blinds), which is still a short stack but I’m back in the game. Remember that it’s never over until it’s over and to keep your decision-making on point no matter what position you are in. Be careful not to overplay your hand and get caught with black diamonds like my opponent did today. If you are on The Big Blind (TBB) with 5 big blinds and The Small Blind moves all-in, you can infer his hand may be weak. In this case you can call with a weaker hand and still be ahead. Have the courage to make this call and live with the result.    Brett

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