Company Updates

The Poker Model team would like to thank you for your continued support and engagement since our beginning in June 2017. Because full transparency is one of our core values, we’ve decided to take this week to provide a few company updates. As always, your feedback on the company at present and our future projects will play a major role in shaping The Poker Model moving forward.


The Poker Model Blog currently has 74 original articles detailing hands that use Poker Model strategies. We will continue to release new content weekly so our audience has a free resource to compare their play to The Poker Model recommendations.

  • Biggest Challenge: We’ve received feedback that our articles are too technical for a segment of our audience.
  • Action #1: Mix in some more basic hand examples and present concepts in a simpler way (work in progress).
  • Action #2: Customize table, chips, cards, and more to ensure consistency in learning (completed).

How To Play No-Limit Texas Hold’em Module

We appreciate your patience as we work on tools outside of the blog to help you learn The Poker Model. Soon you will have a free, interactive module that will teach you the rules of No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Already know how to play? Test yourself and teach a family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance. You must have the rules down before learning The Poker Model strategies.  

  • Biggest Challenge: Speed of development
  • Action #1: Hire learning management software (LMS) expert (completed).
  • Action #2: Organize resources to maximize efficiency per hour worked (work in progress).

The Poker Model Infinite Hands Concept

We want you to be able to practice as many hand situations as possible with little financial investment. The is why we are developing a tool that allows the user to run through hand situations in a hyper-fast environment. We’ll present you with a poker situation and ask you to choose an option, like fold, call, or raise. After selecting, we’ll give you feedback on your response and then present a new scenario. This will give you the reps you’ll need to drill down on The Poker Model concepts. Replace mindless scrolling with fun, detailed practice and meet your poker goals faster.

  • Biggest Challenge: Speed of development
  • Action #1: Hire full stack developer (completed).
  • Action #2: Organize resources to maximize efficiency per hour worked (work in progress).


Be a part of our journey by giving feedback through the contact tab on our website or on the articles themselves. As you can see, we will take it seriously and make changes accordingly. Again, thank you for being a part of The Poker Model and we look forward to our mutual success moving forward.


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